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Updated Saturday, November 9th, 2013
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Welcome to the John's Guide Service Reports Page

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All of our fishing and hunting reports here will be done in the timeliest manner possible and are usually done in the evenings after our day's trip when possible.

Checking current river and fishing conditions? You'll find them right here at the bottom of the page as always. Bookmark this page for all the information you need to make an informed fishing decision.

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Updated Saturday, November 9th, 2013
As of this report, 7:00PM

To view current up to date "Reports" with pictures please be sure to visit and book-mark our John's Guide Service Facebook Page.

We here at "John's Guide Service" are looking forward to and already seeing some of the great run forecasts for our 2013 and 2014 Salmon and Steelhead fishing seasons as well as our late 2014 summer and fall hunting season!!
- September - November 2013; "Coho-Mojo" time again...Always great Silver Salmon fishing here on the Skagit River!! Early September is always a great time to get out for some early archery deer hunting as well. In November get ready for some great catch and release fishing too on the pound for pound hardest fighting salmon around as our Chum Salmon run returns in November as well.
- December - January 2014; Still expecting quite a few Silver Salmon around this December the way things are looking right now and they will be mixed in with our Winter Steelhead returns to the Skagit System this year. Our Skagit River hatchery steelhead returns should start kicking off here around Thanksgiving!
- June - July 2014; "Springer Time" Some of the best King Salmon fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer right here on the Skagit River along with some great catch and release opportunities on some Wild Steelhead.
- August - September 2014; Looking forward to another great Black Bear hunting season... Following one of the toughest bear seasons we've seen since 2009 we should be looking at an upcoming stellar 2014 season, especially if it is looking anything like our 2010 season did.

LETS GO FISHING OR HUNTING!! ( We still have a few openings left for all of our above fishing and hunting opportunities!!... Give us a call or drop us an e-mail!)

If you haven't already taken notice our phone number has now changed!!! Our old unreliable line and old answering machine (Some of your calls didn't get returned because quite frankly you sounded like Charlie Brown's school teacher on our old machine) will be disconnected on October 31st, 2013.
Our new number, now plastered all over our site will be my cell phone number at: (360) 708 - 3166... Look forward to hearing from you on it!!
We have also added a few "Associate Guides" to the "John's Guide Service" team to help meet all of your fishing and hunting needs and desired dates.
All "Associate Guides" are reputable area guides and backed 100 percent by us.

Fishing and River Reports:

Skagit River:

River Conditions:

Skagit Above Sauk: Normal November flows with unlimited visibility right now.

Skagit Below the Sauk: Normal November flows with 4 - 6 feet of visibility right now.

Fishing Report:
Our phenomenal 2013 Silver Salmon run continues!! We continue to still be seeing some pushes of nice bright Coho here on the Skagit River from the forks all the way up here in the Rockport area.
Also after last weekends rains the hard fighting "Army Fish", Chum Salmon have made quite the showing over the last week!! Some amazingly bright Chum Salmon are even being caught on the upper stretches as well.
Steelhead have also started to make their way into the Skagit and we have been hearing reports of Steelhead being caught now in the Cascade River as well.
Be sure to check out our Guide Service Facebook page for pictures of our most recent hauls.

Sauk River:

River Conditions: Slightly above normal November flows right now!

Sauk Above the Suiattle: 4 - 6 Feet of visibility currently

Sauk Below the Suiattle: 2 - 4 Feet of visibility

Fishing Report: Reports coming in of some very large Dolly Varden being caught in the Sauk right now!!

Cascade River:

River Conditions: Normal flows with unlimited visibility.

Fishing Report: Still quite a few Silvers in the Cascade right now but they're pretty much on the overly dark side... BUT... On a brighter note... Winter Steelhead are now being caught in the Cascade!!

Cascade River at Marblemount USGS Real-Time Gauge

Click for Rockport, Washington Forecast
Skagit System USGS River Levels:

Links and how to use them: When fishing the Skagit or Sauk River I always check the flow and gauge height at a number of locations before planning a day of fishing.
Here's the order with Links and why: First I Check Skagit River at Newhalem to see if the Dam is releasing water, and how much. Next I'll check Skagit River at Marblemount to check gauge height. If they are not releasing a bunch of water at Newhalem and the river is on the rise I'll check Bacon Creek Near Marblemount and then Cascade River at Marblemount to check gauge height. If Bacon Creek and the Cascade are on the rise you can figure Illabot Creek and all the other upper Skagit Tributaries are also on the rise and adding color to the Skagit. Next I'll check the Sauk River starting with Sauk River / Whitechuck River Near Darrington to see what the upper Sauk above the Suiattle is doing and to see what will be hitting the Skagit before too long. Next I'll check the Sauk River at Sauk River Near Sauk and Compare the Upper Sauk flows with the lower Sauk flows. This will let you know what the Suiattle is doing, which is also where most of the color will come from. Checking Sauk flows will let you know pretty much what the visibility on the Skagit below the Sauk will be down to Concrete. Next I'll check the Baker River at Baker River at Concrete if fishing the lower Skagit to see how much water they're releasing from the dam there. This will let me know what to expect on the lower Skagit below Concrete and Last I'll Check Skagit River Near Mount Vernon if planning on fishing the lower Skagit and to give a general overview of whats going on on the lower river.

Latest Updates: FISHING RULE CHANGES February, 2012

Click Here For Latest Rule Change effecting the Skagit System... "Closure of Skagit and Sauk Rivers To Fishing"

NOAA National Weather Service Forecast:

For Detailed Skagit River area weather Click HERE

For another great NOAA site with precip forecasts click HERE

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